Bird's eye view of YOURS

The rental apartments of Yours are part of a larger whole: Campus Yours. A modern and sustainable living environment for ambitious starters and independent students. Sustainability and elegance come together beautifully in the project. The parts of the building vary in height, shape and facade color. This gives you the feeling of such a typical Leiden row of crooked houses, but just a size bigger. And standing straight. There will be 4 residential blocks, with space for water and greenery in between. The houses that are rented out are part of block A. In the bird’s eye view below, this is the block at the top left. This indicates where the sub-areas Ektor, Phaedra and Callisto are located.

Block A consists of four parts in total, three of which are rented out via this website. Each part has its own entrance, elevator, staircase and bicycle shed. In addition, facilities are also shared, such as the underground parking garage and the communal courtyard that will be constructed on top of the parking deck. There is also a commercial area of approximately 400 m² on the ground floor of Phaedra. The interpretation of this remains a surprise for now.

Different types of apartments will be available within YOURS. Do you like to keep it compact and clear? Then a studio is really something for you. Or are you going to live with the love of your life and can you use some extra space? Even then you will find exactly what you are looking for.

> 7 floors
> 140 studio's
> 38 - 49 m²
> Rental price starting from € 680,- p.m.
100% LET
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> 7 floors
> 128 studio's
> 7 two room apartments
> 13 three room apartments
> 35 - 82 m²
100% LET
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>16 floors
> Upholstered (floor & curtains) > Studio's & apartments
> 40 - 77 m²
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Sustainable living

You live sustainably in YOURS. The houses are all-electric, so there is no need for a gas connection. In this way you contribute to a reduction in the consumption of fossil fuels. The apartments are very well insulated, and for heating and energy generation, a combination of a heat pump boiler, a heat recovery (HRV) ventilation system and solar panels for the general facilities is used. Space has been left for nature in the design, not only in the immediate vicinity but also through the inner garden that is being built on top of the parking garage. This creates an attractive and pleasant living environment for you and your neighbors.

Relaxing together in the common garden

Not spending hours removing weeds from the garden and endlessly lugging watering cans during a heat wave, but still enjoy a nice green area at your studio or apartment? It is possible in Yours. On the top deck of the parking garage, a nice common garden is being created for shared use. This inner garden is only intended for the residents of Yours and of course their visitors. Because the inner garden is completely screened off by the building on one side and raised on the other side compared to the public space, privacy is created. A wonderful place to catch up with a coffee to go, make a quiet phone call or read a good article.

The advantages of renting

A rental home provides security and flexibility. You have no unexpected costs for major maintenance. You don’t have to invest in a new kitchen or bathroom. And you live in a sustainable home with a comfortable living environment, without incurring any costs yourself. Fixed monthly charges, so easy! The risks of depreciation, financing and interest rate changes lies with the lessor. And does something break? Then we are ready to repair it. Are you looking for flexibility? Then renting is also a good fit for you. You have a rental agreement of at least 1 year, which can then be canceled as of the first of the following month + 1 month notice period. Do you now have your own home and do you want to live carefree and enjoy life more? The released capital from the sale of your home offers many possibilities. A nice trip, working less, eating out more often or turning your hobby into your job? However you spend your money, in YOURS you live in a lively neighbourhood where you can relax in a modern apartment or studio.